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Zucca & zola

Wood fire oven-roasted butternut squash, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano, Speck & pumpkin seeds

Fritto Misto

Calamari & head-on prawns lightly breaded in semolina and deep fried, served with lemon garlic aioli & spicy calabrese sauces


fresh scallops, panko-breaded and seasoned with garlic, herbs & butter, baked in our wood oven

Polenta & Fonduta

Organic fried polenta sticks served with taleggio & gorgozola fondue

Culatello di Zibello

the finest prosciutto of Italy, served with truffle “Carasau” cracker bread & stracciatella

$14 | 16

The original dressing from Cesare Cardini 1924 Tijuana … with our twist

fresh homemade pasta

La Pasta fresca


Homemade ravioli, filled with butternut squash & ricotta, sauteed in butter & sage, topped with crumbled “amaretti” & Parmigiano Reggiano


Ribbons of egg noodles with a creamy sauce of porcini & cremini mushrooms, Speck & peas


Potato dumplings served in creamy gorgonzola & mascarpone sauce, crumbled candied walnut & balsamic drizzle

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Alla Carbonara, authentically prepared with guanciale, egg yolk & pecorino romano

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

Alla Bolognese, the original recipe from Grandma Enza … slowly cooked meat sauce with Italian tomato, ground beef & pork, served with homemade egg noodles

from the butcher

Le carni

We select quality, fresh meats from market
which are then processed & dry-aged in house

$35 per lb

Porterhouse bone-in (avg 3lb) house dry- aged, grilled & finished on the wood fire with rosemary roasted potato… check out our butcher window!

Bistecca & Patate

RIBEYE 16oz prime quality cut, topped with a red wine demi-glace, served with country style fried potato & a side of homemade horseradish dijonnaise

Scaloppine del Lago

tenderized veal, porcini & cremini mushrooms, cooked in a creamy beef demi-glace, served with creamy organic polenta & green peas

Polletto alla Diavola

Organic free-range cornish hen prepared in a herb & Nduja rub, baked under a brick in our wood fire oven, served with roasted bell peppers & potatoes

The Seafood

Il Mare


L astice

Fresh half lobster, sauteed in a cherry tomato, garlic & white wine reduction served with homemade square spaghetti pasta!

Le Cozze

sauteed in a garlic, white wine reduction, with garbanzo, potato & melted spicy calabrese salami, served with “maltagliati” pasta


sauteed in a white wine, light garlic & extra virgin olive oil reduction with saffron, cherry tomato, cannellini beans & croutons

Il Branzino

Whole fresh mediterranean seabass, marinated in fresh herbs and baked in our wood fire oven, served with potato, artichoke, cherry tom & “taggiasca” olive & a side of salsa verde

Zuppa di Mare

Fresh seafood broth with clams, mussels, prawns, scallop & calamari, sauteed with white wine & light marinara, served with crostini

Soups & Sides

insalate & contorni

Zuppa del Giorno

Soup of the day … Ask for today’s special


Organic creamy polenta, butter, sage, garlic & parmigiano Reggiano

Verdure Arrosto

seasonal veggies, roasted in our wood fire oven

Insalata mista

Tuscan romaine, cherry tomatoes, onion, balsamic & lemon vinaigrettes

homemade desserts


Seadas di Sardegna

Pate brisee filled with a soft, fresh pecorino cheese, fried & covered in honey

Cuore Caldo di Cioccolato
$10 | 13

Homemade Chocolate torte with molten center Add scoop of gelato


Layers of espresso-soaked lady fingers & mascarpone cream

Strudel di Mele

Puff pastry with baked apples & cinnamon, served with a homemade mascarpone cream


Vanilla gelato & caffe vergnano espresso